Bitterroot Valley Rain Storm

Storms come and go quickly in the Bitterroot Valley. I took some shots the other day of a very quick moving rain storm that came over the mountain range from Idaho and disappeared just as quick as it started. I shot the images on a Nikon D700 with a ND Fader filter and a Graduated Orange Cokin filter on the most of the images.

This is what the Valley looked like about 20 minutes before the Rain Cloud's came streaking over the Bitterroot Mt. Range. Shot taken in Stevensville, MT.


Used a Cokin Filter and a Gradated Filter because the sky was pretty bright. The rain came across the mountains very quickly.

 Another angle of that Raining going through the valley.

 Shows the Bitterroot Mountain Range in the background.

 Looking down North Burnt Fork Road towards the Bitterroot Mt. Range.