Fishing Continues

Fishing Continues....

Here are more shots from our 3 months of Fishing in Pina's Bay, Panama. Some of these images where taken aboard the Picaflor, under the direction of Captain Adolfo. The first Marlin gave us a dazzling display. Jumping straight at us. The boat was powering forward and Justin, the angler, was reeling as fast as he could in order to take up line. When I get a chance later in the week, I will post the video that goes along with this fight. It was pretty amazing to see this fish jump like this. Nice release on the fish after as well.





Justin reeling his heart out to try and take up line on this crazy jumping fish.Picaflor_11web


Picaflor_7webThis Marlin just kept jumping and jumping. These are the flights that photographers dream of.


Picaflor_3webHook out and lure back, the boys release this nice Marlin.

Picaflor_4webThe special Lure to win them all! Custom Made by Matt, even has our Mates face pictured in the Lure.


Marlin's Bill hitting the drop back bait Picaflor_16web

Mike Crossland taking a breather on his nice Blue MarlinPicaflor_30web

Picaflor_41webJustin trying his hand at pitching a fly back to a sailfish. The sail hit the lure a couple of times, but just couldn't get her to bite.



Picaflor_21webNice Sail, our Mate Jonathan almost got a Bill in his arm.





J&S_2014_124webThe Captain looking over things!