Little Neighbours

Little Neighbours The best part about anchoring the ship in Pina's Bay, are all of the wonderful people that would paddle over to check us out. The Mama Nido became the hang out spot, the coolest place in the bay, the place where everyone wanted to be.  Not a day went by in our 20 something days at anchor where we didn't have more than 3-10 different Little Neighbors all the time just hanging out. The kids would be hand lining for fish off of the back swim transom, everyone smiling and having a great time. Or swimming around the ship, laughing and giggling.

Every day after fishing, we would pull up to the Mama Nido and all eyes would be focused on our crew to see what they might pull out of their fish coolers. Our boys would often save extra pieces of Bonito or other fish, to give to our Little Neighbours, so they could use it for hand lining.

The back of the Mama Nido became a Canoe parking lot and a safe haven for people to congregate on when a big storm was rolling through.

 Here are some pictures of our Smiling Little Neighbours. We are headed back down to Pina’s Bay next week and I can’t wait to capture more of them!!!







 480lbs_marlin_33web 480lbs_marlin_34web










gary_carter_Blue_2013_83webHand Lining in the early Morning Hours


480lbs_marlin_2webWe unfortunately had a Blue Marlin die on us, but that one fish most likely fed over 20 families from Pina's Bay.

480lbs_marlin_26webA whole group of our Little Neighbours, just hanging out!

pinasbay_4webThe Kids are pretty shy at first, but then they seem to love the camera!