Nikon F3

Nikon F3

I finally had a chance to get 1 roll of film developed from my Nikon F3. The amazing Nikon "flag ship" SLR camera was given to me by my friend John David. The camera is in absolutely mint condition and I was told only had around 12 rolls of film ran through it!

Its harder to find places to develop film these days and its even harder to find film! I shot three rolls of film with the Nikon F3 thus far and two where Black and White. Unfortunately, London Drugs does not develop BW anymore. Or at least they told me it would take around 30 days to process the film. Crazy to think that film processing and wait times have changed so much, even in the last 5 years.

These images of course where scanned and then I ran them through Photoshop to Correct the colours. London Drugs, does not do the best scanning work, therefore some corrections had to be made.

Overall, the Nikon F3 is an incredible SLR to shoot with. The shutter is like pure butter and the camera itself operates so easily. I am going to attempt to hunt down some Transparency film and hopefully a better place to process my images at an attempt to shoot more with this amazing camera!!!