Ronan Trading Post

Yesterday I headed out to Ronan, MT to go to a very small and very cute Trading Post. The store had all sorts of Native American Jewellery to Old Hudson Bay Boxes and more. The landscape shots where taken out of the car window, due to the massive rain shower that engulfed the whole area.  

Shot through the front window of the car with a hand held Orange Graduated Cokin Filter.



The rain shower closing in on us.


I hand held a Cokin graduated orange filter and shot through the window of the car, therefore getting some rainbow effect on the small lake.


Pretty dark out now because of the clouds.


Entrence to the Trading post just outside of Ronan.


The boys leading the way. Shot with a Polarizer filter on (didn't really need it). It was sprinkling at this point and I just didn't want to remove it.



Trading Post!










All the shots where taken with a Nikon D700 17-35mm 2.8 lens and a polarizer filter and sometimes a Cokin Filter.  Everything was edited in Photoshop CS6 and I always always use camera RAW even with my JPEGS.  Its nice to just get out and click away for fun sometimes.