Chasing Records

Chasing Records
The Hooker was nursing a broken Turbo Booster, so the beautiful Picaflor was to be our trusty ship for 9 days of Record Fishing with Gary Carter in Pinas, Panama.
With Captain Wade leading the charge, Gary and the Picaflor managed to raise 17 Blue Marlin, Caught 7,  broke 2 record fish off the line; and caught plenty of sailfish and Tuna. Even though he didn’t yet get his record on this trip, the fishing was hot and the Weather was a bit variable.  Gary was using light pound test line, 8lbs, 12lbs and 30lbs line. He was trying to get the 8lbs Blue Marlin Record, 12lbs Blue Record and 8lbs Dorado Record as well.
In the releases that Gary had, he managed to hook 2 different fish on 8lbs test line. Both fish were too small for the record of 315lbs, but he came close with both of the fish approximated weight around 280lbs or so.
Here is a Selection of Shots from our 9 Days of Fishing with Gary. Record Fishing was pretty neat to watch, the patience and skill it takes to be able to handle the fish is truly an art!


gary_carter_Blue_2013_82web30lbs Test Line, Nice 360lbs Blue Marlin
Nice Blue Marlin
gary_carter_Blue_2013_56webGary on 30lbs Test.
gary_carter_Blue_2013_60webNice Blue Marlin
gary_carter_Blue_2013_62webGary's Captain from the SILVER-ROD-O, Yoan; tries his hand at leadering!
Taken from a remote camera on the Tower of the Picaflor.
The Picaflor got Her work out on this Marlin Fight!
Nice Blue Marlin smacking at the drop back bait.
We had this guy on 8bls test. The pictures later revealed that he wasn't actually hooked. Just carrying the bait around with him.
Captain Yoan, ready for the Fish.
Bait Ball's stacking up under the boat.
Yoan and Gary ready to Gaff in a nice Tuna! Gary using 8lbs Test Line and a Spinner Real.
Captain Wade Richardson, trying his hand at Leadering! Nice 200lbs Blue Marlin.
If you are looking to stay dry, then the back of the Picaflor is not for you!
Gary Taking a much needed Reeling Break.
Yoan, Trying to get us some bait!
Bait Ball's are one of the coolest things to be able to photograph.
Hand Lining with Wade 101!
TUNA Frenzy!
Ligorio Showing off his Filleting skills!
The Man and General Badass!!

Haida Gwaii, June Bite!

Over the Past 5 days, I have been lucky to photograph in Beautiful Haida Gwaii, for the West Coast Fishing Club. The Sea's where calm and the sky's where grey, but the bite was on and everyones fish boxes where full. Here are some samples of the shots I took through out the week! Check out the West Coast Fishing Club's website for more detials on their services:

Click Here

My Trusty Pelican, keeping all my cameras safe!

The inside of the beautiful Club House, Lounge!

Head Chef Tim, working hard!

West Coast Fishing Club, Clubhouse dinner!

The Clubhouse, West Coast Fishing Club

Immature Bald Eagle swooping in for it's catch!

Jelly Fish, Langara Island

Helicopter takes off from North Island Dock!

North Island Lodge, West Coast Fishing Club


Nice looking Bald Eagle.

Nice Chinook Release!

Hanging at the Weight Scales

 Ready for some action! 

Full Fish Box 

A Beautiful 50lbs Chinook! 

Released Spring 

Flying back to Masset. 

Masset Runway! 

Flying Air Canada Jazz 

Heading on home! Air Canada Jazz