The Final 3

The final 3: The crew headed up to Pina’s Bay landing strip to gather our newest group to arrive. Art Smith and his two son’s Ian and Adam, where to be our guests for the next 4 days of fishing.  We all headed down the beach to the awaiting Panga that would transfer them over to the ship. The rain was lightly falling, and somehow our fearless Panaga driver somehow managed to plow us bow first into a wave, sending a wall of water over our heads and drenching our new guests from head to toe.  After some drying off and having a bit of a laugh about it, we made plans on what time we where going to pick them up the next morning from Tropic Star.

That next morning the sun was shining and the fishing was SLOW!!! Like really really SLOW! The bite had defiantly shut off for the first day and a half of fishing and we where all hoping that the days slow fishing wasn't a sign of things to come.

Luckily for us the slow fishing was short lived. In the 4 days of Fishing Captain Wade raised 5 Marlin and caught 3, plus lots of Tuna and Sailfish. Each one of our guests had to chance to reel in a Marlin and we ended the 4 days of fishing by finding a nice Tuna bait ball. Congrats to the guys for catching their first Pacific Blue Marlin!

 Here are some images from the last trip of our 2013 Season.

gary_carter_Blue_2013_102webChartered Plane Flying into Pina's

Pinas_Dec_2013_41webArt and his boys, Ian and Adam.

Pinas_Dec_2013_40webArt Fighting the big one!

Pinas_Dec_2013_35webHerby getting us some live bait!

Pinas_Dec_2013_36webHe has a terrified look on his face!

Pinas_Dec_2013_29webAdam with a nice sized Dorado!


Pinas_Dec_2013_11webIan Hooked onto a Nice 400lbs plus Blue Marlin


Pinas_Dec_2013_13webIan's Fish came up Tail Wrapped and the Boys desperately tried to revive it for over 20 min. The Old Girl just didn't make it.

480lbs_marlin_4webCaptain Wade, gives a "Thumbs Down" to Losing this fish.

480lbs_marlin_19webPoor Girl, but she will be feeding a lot of mouths tonight.

480lbs_marlin_22webCaptain Wade Tapes her out to be 480lbs Blue Marlin

480lbs_marlin_6webHow to Transfer a very very Large fish 101!

480lbs_marlin_8webWe needed the Crain to be able to lift the fish on board. You can see we have a fairly large crowd of Pina's Bay people gathering on the ship to see the fish.


480lbs_marlin_10webJust a quick pic before the Pina's Bay people fillet her up for lots and lots of families


Pinas_Dec_2013_8webSome of our on Lookers. We had over 20 people paddle over to the ship to get a glimpse of the enormous fish.

480lbs_marlin_27webEach chunck was HUGE...deffinatly a lot of hungry tummies will be full very soon!

480lbs_marlin_16webOne of our Boys Arie, helping out with the portion sizes.

480lbs_marlin_18webThe Canoes are parked and everyone is aboard the ship to see all of the action unfold.

480lbs_marlin_25webA Local Pina's Bay man was in charge of the portion sizes. They even took the empty carcass at the end for soup.

Pinas_Dec_2013_47webAdam fights a Sailfish.

Pinas_Dec_2013_39webNice little Tuna

Pinas_Dec_2013_16webAdam Hooks into a nice Blue. Just minutes after his father, Art releases a Nice Blue himself.

Pinas_Dec_2013_17webNothing like a good fish fight in the rain!


art_marlin_1webJohnathan leaders the nice Blue Marlin....where are your leadering gloves Johnathan????



480lbs_marlin_31webThe beautiful Picaflor run's home underneath a very impressive Rainbow.